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Surf Levels

Surf Coaching & Surf Levels

The process of learning to surf can sometimes be frustrating and take quite a long time. Our goal is to help beginners and intermediates get better, faster, in a safe and fun environment. Because the better you get at surfing, the more fun you have!

Surfing is a difficult art to master!

You are a complete newbie!

Level 1

So we start with basics:

  • Equipment overview, line up etiquette and safety in the water

  • Practice paddling and different techniques to pass the break

  • Practice catching the waves in the forgiving white water

  • Transition to practicing pop up and positioning to catch green waves

The foundation you will learn:

  • How to select and catch waves unassisted

  • How to stall and accelerate the board

  • The difference between trimming and carving turns

  • The functional stance which will allow you to perform big turns and progress onto catching unbroken waves during your stay

By the end of your surf course, you will be able to catch your own waves and enjoy the happiness that comes in waves!


Level 2

You surf almost like a Pro!

At this level, you can easily paddle through the break, comfortably stand on the board and catch unbroken waves.

We will help you focus on:

  • Paddling through the white water efficiently and safely

  • Work on agility and predict peeling direction and speed

  • Angle your take off

  • Generating speed, improving stance and positioning

  • Improving how you propel towards the wave’s face 

  • Understand etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with any situation

By the end of the surf course, you will be able to achieve consistent take off and ride the face of the wave with some basic maneuvers.

Level 3

You surf like a Pro!

You can consistently catch head high waves without assistance, and easily ride the face with some maneuvers. Most of the coaching will be done with the video camera, allowing you to see what you are doing on the face. 

We will help you focus on:

  • Understanding and find the fastest trimming line

  • How, why and when to perform horizontal carving changes of direction (cutbacks)

  • Learn to climb on top of breaking sections (floaters)

  • Practice to perform committed maneuvers, in the critical part of the wave, with speed power and flow

We will help you identify which skills are relevant to you so you can break your free surfs up into productive bite-sized drills. The aim is that you will leave being able to fault find and self-coach by watching a video of yourself in the future.​

Surf Guiding

We offer Surf Guiding for the more experienced surfers looking to get into skill-appropriate surf at one of the many breaks along the Bajan Coast.

Our experienced surf guides are dialed in on which spots work best in various wind and swell conditions. We will pick you up from the Tribe House and take you to the best waves suited to your ability from intermediate to advance.

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